Workplace Health & Wellness Tips

  • Offer healthy vending machine snacks (pretzels, baked chips, oatmeal bars and popcorn)
  • Offer discounts or incentives to join a workout facility
  • Encourage walking meetings instead of sitting in a conference room to discuss projects
  • Offer CPR, first aid training
  • Offer at least one healthy option for both food & beverage in your cafeteria
  • Involve exercise into annual and quarterly meetings
  • Post signs around elevators to remind employees that taking stairs are a healthier choice
  • Offer fun incentives such as pedometers and water bottles to reward employees for getting fit
  • Include health tips in company newsletters and emails
  • Create a start date to get employees excited about getting healthy
  • Encourage walking teams or buddies

Eating right while at work

Your company can improve the lives of each employee by providing a cafeteria environment full of rich fruits and vegetables, whole grains and high fiber, and limited high sugar foods and beverages.

Your Company Check list


  • At Least one no sugar beverage
  • Fresh fruits readily available
  • Vegetables prepared with little to no salt added
  • Whole grain and wheat options
  • Fat-free, low-fat or 1% milk/dairy products
  • Lean meats
  • Eliminate hydrogenated oils and substitute liquid oils for backed goods
  • Limit or reduce the amount of fried foods served, and use only liquid oils

Vending Machines

  • Minimum of of vending machine options should be low sugar, low salt alternatives
  • Offer fruit without sugar added or fresh fruit
  • Offer whole grain snack options such as popcorn and whole-grain crackers
  • Offer oatmeal bars and baked chips
  • Organized Meals (Meetings)
  • Provide water and other no-added sugar beverages to meeting rooms
  • Bring in a bowl of fruit for a snack or as a dessert substitute
  • Provide a whole wheat, high fiber snack for afternoon meeting